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Przemyslaw Luczak

February 7, 2023

My case was not easy. Judged by outsiders, it put me in a losing position, only I knew what really happened and that I was not to blame for the accident. I turned to Optimal Solicitors for help, who, after getting acquainted with the facts and investigating the circumstances of the accident, saw the truth that was not obvious at first glance and agreed to start proceedings against the other party. Optimal Solicitors consistently fought the opposing party for 4 years and only thanks to their commitment, experience, professional knowledge, as well as stubbornness in seeking to reveal the truth, justice won and the case was successfully considered in my favor. It was my good fortune in the misfortune that I was taken into the care of Optimal Solicitors, who throughout the entire course of the case regularly informed me about the implemented activities and progress, thus giving me something beyond their duties - emotional support supporting the waning hope of winning and thus, the chances of my health returning to the state it was before the accident. I sincerely believe that if I went to another law office, my mental condition and the final conclusion of the case would only have negative consequences. Currently, I cannot find words that would express my gratitude to Ms Usha Nayee and Ms Natalia Witkowska, who, thanks to their hard work, commitment, experience and professional legal knowledge, made the justice win, the case was won, and I received funds enabling me to treat and return to normal life before the accident. Usha Nayee and Natalia Witkowska proved their best predispositions to practice the profession of a lawyer, natural instincts and professional dignity, nobly representing the basis of the legal profession, which is to prove the truth. Only thanks to them will I be able to continue my life as a able-bodied person and regain my lost faith and self-confidence. Today, after years of non-existence, I can begin to look to the future, which has finally been given to me, it is worth more than words and money, and the Optimal Solicitors office is more than a law office, they are people with soul helping the victims.

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Alfredo Procaccini

March 16, 2021
Simpson Millar Solicitors

As from 1st April 2013, ƒ??no win, no feeƒ?? agreements have changed, and we didnƒ??t know that. We have been victims of a nasty car accident and contacted Simpson Millar for legal services. An agreement was signed and we posted all relevant documentation via Special Delivery. The lawyer assigned to our case was on holiday for two weeks. On her return she did not contact us for another two weeks. When I contacted her she said she would look for our paperwork. More time elapsed, I contacted her again and she said that she could not find one of our claims (one file had gone missing). Very lucky for us, I suppose. We moved to a law Firm that did not work on ƒ??no win, no feeƒ?? agreements. Our case was successfully solved within three years and awarded, most certainly, much more that we would have gained should we have stayed with Simpson Millar. Keep an eye here for further reviews as I have been helping a friend for over three years and his case, some five years later, is still not concluded. Eventually, there will be another review.

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March 16, 2021
Slater and Gordon Lawyers: Manchester

Still waiting for a response

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jamie austin

March 16, 2021
Reeds Solicitors

Having never needed or used a solicitor before and with little knowledge of the legal system. I'm very fortunate to have chosen Reeds and Scott Primmer to handle my case. Highly recommended

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Any House Clearance

March 16, 2021
Curtis Law Solicitors Blackburn Office

Friendly and professional


Here at Review Of Solicitors, we pride ourselves on providing impartial, genuine and honest reviews of the services offered by law firms all across the country.

One of the most popular areas of law and one you may be most familiar with is personal injury.

This area of law covers the likes of accidents at work, accidents in public places, industrial diseases and road traffic accidents.

Many law firms in the country offer personal injury services, and most can represent you under a No Win No Fee agreement. This type of contract allows you to pursue compensation without having to pay any fees upfront or while the claim progresses, and if it doesn’t end successfully then you won’t be obliged to pay your lawyer any of their fees. If your case is a success, you usually pay your No Win No Fee solicitor a small, legally-capped percentage from your settlement.

If you’re keen to make a claim and want to find the best personal injury solicitor for your case, you can check out some of our pages below.

Please bear in mind that you do not need to use local personal injury solicitors when making a claim; you can obtain representation from a lawyer based anywhere in the country.

However, when checking these reviews be sure to look out for any that discuss their ability to communicate with their clients.

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