Ade Davidson

I had a car accident on the 22nd January 2014 in Bradford. I guess, the BMW people who arranged for my car to be recovered must have passed my details to Breens Solicitors. Well, I had no idea what to expect, but I will say this: once I had been taken to the hospital by the ambulance, I was thereafter on my own! As can be expected, I did not fully recover at the point of being discharged from the hospital so I had to pursue my own way to recovery; which I embarked upon immediately by going to my local GP. Thank goodness though, I was contacted by Breens. Although I was warned early by the same Breens solicitor (Ms Stephanie Howard who I never met throughout the period of collaboration) that I did not have to use the services of Breens Solicitors; actually that statement gave me faith and, still reluctantly, I provided all the information requested of me. Also, it was clear that this solicitor did not like her time being wasted; and regardless of all my personal frustrations protestations about not getting all the attention I thought my circumstance merited, yet I could see and later greatly appreciate the absolute thoroughness in procedure, evaluation and pathway to recovery that was drawn for me. And when it actually came to the context of my personal injuries, arrangement was made for a visit to a medical practitioner, immediately followed by, on recommendation from the same Doctor, a full and comprehensive private care that I could only have dreamed about, and has actually now seen me back to almost my pristine condition and self. Ah! As an icing on the cake, I even found myself getting some money that has allowed me to carry on with further treatments! It was all so professional and I think that I did receive the best treatment on offer. Yes, without a doubt, these are extremely competent no-nonsense professionals, at least the solicitor in my case; and, even in doubt about a particular unrelated case, I would still give this bunch a solid thumbs up. Absolutely recommended!