Alex Pejic

I decided to go with Dominic Levent Soliciter on recommendation of my close friend now almost 18 months ago for first consultation . When I met Dominic he took me trough all the details of divorce and how it works. It was scary and frighting. I wrote a review end of last year about his service and what they’ve done for me and was nothing but beyond anything that anyone who is going through divorce can ask for. It’s the hardest thing I’ve done in my life with having a young child . The other side has tried everything to make it as hard as possible with almost unlimited money available for most expensive solicitors in town to minimize my contact with my child and take as much money she can. With Dominic and more importantly Asieh even that was not enough to stop them fighting for me ever single day and every single second so my child can still have his father in his life. Asieh has held my hand from day one all way trough going from initial application to almost final hearing for children matters and going to final hearing for financial matters . Asieh had not only did her job as my solicitor but as my therapist , financial adviser and more importantly part of my family who was fighting like it was her child and her life. Sense of fairness and what is right and how to take you trough the hardest is the minimum you can expect from Dominic , Asieh and their team. Even after it’s all done now they are still there for me to help and assist and will hold your hand whenever you need it. Both Dominic and Asieh will make sure you understand by going through this most stressful experience that you understand what’s important for you and accordingly make sure you together make right decision. It is a clich?? and I am not someone who usually believes in reviews of this type but I can not recommend Asieh and Dominic’s team enough if you ever end up in divorce process as they will do whatever it takes to get you through and to make sure you get what’s fair and what you deserve and beyond. I can only say that if it wasn’t for Asieh and Dominic I don’t think i would be standing here where I am now and wouldn’t be looking to a new happy life like I am.