Bhaarath Reddy Tera

I have studied in this university in 2009 / 2010 period ,doing the masters . This has been the most stressful and bad experience in my whole life . I am an international student from India . I did my Masters in Mobile and wireless communications in here. This course has been removed by the university because there are no more students left and no one wants to go to do master in UEL . This university is not ideal to do Masters . I will give you an example , I have submitted my final year project and has been rejected . It has passed the plagiarism test and contained all the necessary point for the project . I had to pay a fees of ?œ1,600 being an international student . I then again submitted the same project without any changes what so ever and I passed this time . So the moral of this example is that you have to pay extra money just because the UNI can make you pay . This is just disgusting . About 50% of the students in my course discontinued and the faculty did not even bother to ask a question of what was happening . In UEL the management only care about the funds students bring not the knowledge they gain . For a foreign student this is not a right university .