Caroline Pritchard

When I first phoned to obtain a price, I thought they were quite good. At first, everything was okay although I was frustrated that I was having to phone up to enquire about things and no-one was ever available and messages weren’t always returned. We got a phone call and letter stating everything was complete, although it was difficult to get a hold of someone I felt that the job overall was okay and would probably have stayed neutral with them. A few months after living in our new house, we get a letter stating they charged us wrong on our final statement and could we pay the difference. I contacted the person who wrote to me, who was very curt to be honest and I found it very unprofessional. Once I spoke to someone above her, the contact was professional and polite although it did take some time to get a reply. I spent a lot time chasing up about the land registry and they kept telling me that there was a back log, it is only when contacting the land registry direct I find that they completed it four months earlier! I went straight back to them and low and behold that same day they happened to hear (yeah, right!). I then had to chase up when I could collect the deeds, when we went to collect them they gave us someone else’s, despite me telling them my name and address in advance by phone and when I turned up to collect them. Overall, a very disorganised incompetent service that I could not recommend.