James Richards

It took over a year for Charlotte Barnett to sort out a whiplash claim, despite liability being admitted by the insurance company the following day. It took so long for a medical report to be commissioned all my symptoms had gone and I couldn’t remember how it felt. This may have cost me money off the claim. I also found Charlotte to be rude and unhelpful, very dismissive, taking a ‘it’s not my fault’ attitude to how long it’s taking DESPITE the fact she’s impossible to get hold of, and doesn’t return calls. I think this is due to her part-time nature. I’ve had cases like this handled in a matter of weeks from competent law firms, even if the defendant’s insurance drags it out it still shouldn’t take more than a couple of months. When I complained to Charlotte’s manager, they voided their success fee, but that doesn’t really compensate for the potential amount lost by the delayed medical report and the length of time it took to handle the case. I did ask Charlotte be given some formal disciplinary but they wouldn’t, which is a shame really because that’s why I’m writing a one star review and reported Thompsons to the SRA (solicitors regulatory authority).