Jennie Ingram

Testimonial They said it couldn’t be done, but Tees succeeded! I have just endured a three year civil dispute involving the repossession of my family home. Tees were wonderful in encouraging me to make a start with my problem, which was perhaps the most difficult step. They gave me the courage to get my case reviewed which had sat dormant and painful for a year. Tees offered great support helping me trawl through the forests of facts and figures required, sometimes telling me what I did not want to hear, insisting on the crucial level of detail required to build a thorough representation. Getting advice from a top Barrister through Tees at fixed cost was surprisingly reasonable and was so worthwhile – it got me the breakthrough I needed. – He was wonderful and made me relax in court. Attending court for a short hearing was daunting but the support from Tees could not have been more comprehensive, offering virtual 24 hour care which give me the confidence I needed. Tees then helped me build my case to a successful conclusion and as a result I achieved a great settlement, and I have got my home back. Polly Mead managed my case and looked after me with a professional firm and friendly approach throughout – her insatiable appetite for detail was just what I needed for my case. Polly’s grasp of my problem was unwavering, and I felt that she really did care about my cause. Managing partners were able to offer a seamless transition of care when required, offering sage advice and listening as required. Achieving closure means I can now move on with my life at last, having achieved a fantastic result for my family. We are thrilled – thank you Tees.