Kirsty Stratford

Started well, fab nursing staff, op seemed to go well. Then the post op chest pain started and got dismissed as “something you ate” when I had eaten nothing. I persisted with mentioning it nicely and never did it get investigated. All I ate in 3 days was 2 yoghurts due to vomiting even with anti sickness. They every night messed up my regular medication, only to be corrected by myself. I was discharged still with chest pain, unable to sleep lying down. This worsened over the next few days to breathlessness, my op side developed a heamatoma also and on visiting my gp 5 days post op he sent me immediately to Cheltenham Hospital to fix the issues. Tests that should have been done 12 hours post surgery are undertaken, results come back with concerns for PULMONARY EMBOLISM!!! Now I have to have a scan for something that could have killed me – so thanks to all that ignored me – my children would have thanked you kindly at my funeral I’m sure. CARE no TEA they drank lots and chatted lots, thats what nurses do on ward 2A.