moira smith

Incompetent and arrogant staff make this place not worth a penny of your Council Tax! In particular the blonde 40yr old woman working in the Adult Health Department who has a penchant for verbally abusing members of the public whilst in full council uniform (you know who you are!) This Council puts art and decoration above fixing broken traffic lights (Bootham crossroads was not working for 7 consecutive days) which put the public and thousands of tourists to York at danger of being run over outside the City Art Gallery. The West Offices itself may be shiny and new but it has no privacy so do not expect to discuss discrete matters here without members of the public overhearing. And be prepared to wait an hour or more for your appointment after picking up a ticket. The council does not seem to operate outside of Monday-Friday 9-5pm so for emergencies there is no one contact and they take months to reply to emails. Not impressed!