Oscar Hibbert

I’ve met some fantastic people at this University, and had some brilliant times. However: The University market themselves in such a way that is very far from how they treat students who pay œ9,000 a year as well as over œ6,000 for accommodation. The moment there is a student who has some more diverse needs to accommodate, few care. Trust me when I say if you contact the vice-chancellor or anyone at a Directorship level in the University you run the very real risk of being shunned and ignored. Many things are designed to benefit the University first, over students. I looked upon Southampton as a fantastic place, that was really ahead of its time and an understanding open-minded establishment who would help me grow and develop through studying and learning whilst supporting the need for me to run my growing firm. Turns out there is next to nothing the University could do to really help me combine the two: academically, even down to helping me find somewhere sensible to park my car in my empty University Hall’s carpark so I could commute up to London during the week. I politely tried to contact the Vice-Chancellor again and again regarding this matter and he always had someone else come back – its worrying how he doesn’t care. To this day I’ve never had a direct conversation with him. I lose nothing by terminating my studies at Southampton apart from fees which are payable, and it saddens me that I will never be able to speak of the place highly, as I once imagined I could. If you have big plans for your life, visions of growth and success – if you’re planning on building something for yourself, like me – I would strongly recommend you consider your options carefully, as, it might turn out the same for you.