Penelope Becker

BL have been handling my mothers estate since her death over 2 years ago . They appointed an executor who shortly afterwards announced he was limiting his hours of work, which became one morning a week , and he also then wrote that he was retiring and to act as a consultant, limiting his hours even more . As a result the area he was supposed to be handling took over two years to get Irish probate . He insists remaining an executor even though he is rarely available . The solicitor handling her estate doesn’t reply to emails and seems to have lost interest in the “missing money “. I wouldn’t recommend Blake Laphorn unless it is a small estate with few complications . I noted a comment about them being accountants …well I repeatedly had to ask for a set of accounts…….and repeatedly for distributions … Also the fellow executor is based in Portsmouth and the solicitor in Oxford office … so they can hardly discuss progress easily . The sale of the house was well handled, very good . As for the rest , if I don’t contact them I don’t hear from them , and even then it may be after several emails , and it further adds to the sense of loss when trying to move on .