Richard Warren

I am writing this review in response to the negative review left earlier by Simon Brown. As Helen?s client for this specific transaction, I fell a little better placed to comment on her performance than Simon, who himself admits his interaction with her was limited to one short phone call. I have engaged Buss Murton many times both professionally to assist with matters for my business and privately, as in this case. Each and every time their service has been timely, thorough, efficient and painless and it has been a pleasure to speak with their staff. Helen has upheld those high standards throughout this process and I would have no hesitation in recommending her, or engaging her again. She has been courteous, responsive and attentive throughout. Clearly, Simon was frustrated that when he aggressively pressed for details of my instructions to her, Helen stood firm and would not pass on any details without my consent. As the client, I am delighted in her stance and would feel a distinct lack of confidence in any solicitor who would release any information to someone they had never spoken with before! Incidentally, despite Simon chasing us, our end of the chain was ready to exchange on time and it was their end which missed the deadline! Telling?..