Rosalyn Dennis

Started on a game programming course. I had not learnt physics before and the tutor for it was awful. If you asked him for help he’d tell you “maybe you should change to game design” so I could never get help. He did tests which other student would mark. I did horribly and when I left the room heard the student marking my test laughing with his friends at my score. Tried to get help from Steve Manning (who was great btw, very kind and helpful to me!) but decided to go on to do Animation instead. This was even worse as the facilities were poor and I was told if enough people don’t choose to go on to do the animation section I was interested in doing further on we’d all be lumped into doing something else. At this time the Games Art course had been introduced so I switched there feeling this was perfect for me. Unfortunately I became ill and couldn’t complete the work. My tutor (Tim Ash) said I would be okay to carry on starting again in September and to let them know and they would sort it out for me (which I did), but I got a letter saying I had failed and wasn’t allowed to return to do any Games related courses EVER. Apparently when you switch courses they automatically fail you at the course you were on. When I emailed Tim Ash about this he got very rude and aggressive with me in tone via email and told me to just speak to Andrew Williams. I tried to explain the situation to Andrew Williams but he was firm in that I wasn’t allowed to return because I had “failed” too many times. I was doing really well in Games Art but my illness hurt me and I couldn’t complete the work and I think it’s unfair to fail someone due to illness, but even then I would have technically only failed once (twice if you want to count the first course). Now I’m left with student debt and no qualification to show for it because there was no empathy from the staff who decided to fail me. Think they just wanted to save money.