Simon Brown

In my role as as estate agent I regulary have to speak to solicitiors to gain progress reports with relation to how property sales are progressing. These updates are then passed to the sellers of the property to keep them updated. In my 12 years as an estate agent I have come across some very good solicitors and some very bad ones. However I have never come across a solicitor as rude as Helen Batt from Buss Murton Law. Today was the first time I have ever contacted her and she was rude, obnoxious and did not want to provide me with the update I needed, even though it is common place for solicitors to update the selling agents. Eventually she hung up on me, still not giving me the update I required. I have also spoke to other members of the chain who have had the disfortune of dealing with her and they too have said how rude and unwilling to help she is. Awful service, do not use.