stephen william Bosanko

Words of gratitude to Olliers cannot be expressed highly enough who represented me v four fraud indictments. This matter extrapolated a period of nearly four years. As a result of excellent work by Olliers and the Counsel appointed, all indictments were staid by HHJ Lewis on 17 December 2014. I was, by nature, an extremely difficult and painfully pedantic client to deal with, and at times downright insulting and disrespectful to both Olliers and Counsel. Olliers solicitor, Zita Spencer, was the main recipient of my extremities of demeanor, and is to be highly commended on her tolerance, tact and focus, in the face of extreme and unfair pressure from myself. All at Olliers, and Counsel, showed outstanding professionalism and ability to not only identify and deal admirably with the salient issues of a complex case, whilst at the same time using diplomacy, tact, and fair but firm instruction to a difficult client, who thinks he knows the price of everything, but in fact knows the value of nothing. One can learn a lot from Olliers in how to conduct oneself to earn respect and admiration.