Steve Dawson

I would like to complain about the appalling quality of food and poor customer service I have received from your company. Myself and a friend ordered a KFC from the drive through near Newcastle airport [ponteland road] back in August this year at around 10pm. Firstly, they didn’t have enough items for my friend’s order and so they offered an extra piece of chicken which he agreed to. We then took our meals back to our hotel to eat. At this point we then discovered that there was a side order of beans and chips missing, the extra piece of chicken that we’d agreed to was also missing. The chicken was as dry as a bone and was completely inedible and so had to be thrown away. I was so disappointed that I said I was going to complain. My friend laughed, as he didn’t think I would get a response but I thought differently as KFC was, I thought, a reputable company. So I submitted a complaint via the website where it advised I could expect a response in up to 5 days. That was 6th aug 2014 and yet I still haven’t had a response. So today 1st dec 2014 I rang customer services to find out what was happening with my complaint. I was told that the complaint probably hadn’t reached them! Strange that, when I received an acknowledgement to thank me for my contact! Any way contacting customer service turned out to be a waste of time. It sounded like the person was reading from a script and he was being obstructive. However, he finally conceded and offered the price of one meal back and advised I would receive a letter of apology. I told him that there had been 2 of us so how does an offer of a meal for one cover what it had cost us? And then to add to that is the fact my complaint had not been actioned by yourselves and I’ve had to make a phone call to chase it up and on doing so have received yet again poor service to add to that already received. I’ve been a regular customer of KFC over the years and believed it to be a very good company. Please restore my faith in the company by dealing with this better than you have so far. The colonel’s reputation is at stake.