Ty Hunt3r

Agreed a fee for a consultation on the advisors information there was a solicitor who wished to take my employment case forward, should this not be the case I would refunded. I was doubtful as I was agency staff and had been there less than 6 months. A solicitor did call, it was a 5 minutes call to say he could not help. It then took 7 calls none of which were returned (as promised) and over a month to get the refund issued. One excuse was “we have a lot of people waiting for refunds and accounts won’t put them through.” My advice would be to get an email that confirms you will get a refund should your case not be taken on to revert to. Not impressed with a company quick to take money on a false promise that makes it very difficult to get the fee refunded. EDIT 12th September 2015 Jordan Gayle will tell you anything to get your card details. Jasmin Bernard is Jordans line manager and seems absolutely incapable. She has failed to return a call 5 times, lied about needing to review a tape of the call in order to rightly refund me and then accused her own MTA accounts department of not issuing refunds and that they have “lots of refunds to process”. So there’s proof of this business, false promises to obtain money, avoidance of refund and incapable lying staff. I have written a letter of complaint to the Solicitors Regulation Authority about the conduct of MTA. DONT BE SUCKED IN BY THERI LIES.